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Praise for Demanding Liberty:

“In this enjoyable history, O’Brien … proposes that born-again activist Isaac Backus (1724–1806) should be thanked for the development of religious freedom within the United States. …

As his ideas solidified, Backus worked to eliminate every rule authorities devised to prevent his free exercise of religion. He fought compulsory membership at established churches, the requirement that new denominations be sanctioned by those already accepted, and the denial of tax-exempt status for new churches, which he felt unfairly enshrined state-sanctioned religion. …

Those interested in the origins of America’s policy on religious regulations will enjoy this assured history of the battles Backus fought when freedom of belief was no foregone conclusion.” 

—Publishers Weekly

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Brandon and co-author Randy Richards discuss how our cultural lenses can cause us to misinterpret the writings of the apostle Paul—and what to do about it.